MEET THE MUA: Ru_makeup

1. About you
I'm a hair and makeup artist from Uk, have been for 7 years. I do a mixture of event, editorial, fashion and bridal, with the occasional special FX thrown in! I also just took up photography which i love! @ru_capture

2. What is your favourite look / makeup trend right now
Always bushy brows! let's hope that trend lives on! Also love glossy lids, they are amazing!♡♡♡

3. 3 favourite VonBlü looks you have created
vegan & Australian Made Matte Lipsticks

Seger, Militar & Strida looks

4. Random fact about you​
I also occasionally like to oil paint! Portraits or anything that interests me :)
I Love old LPs ♡

5. How to book with you: