Meet our founders!

At VonBlü, we debunk the popular phrase “don’t mix work and family”. In fact, we believe being family is what makes us strong. It’s what gets us through the tough days and it’s what makes celebrating our wins that much sweeter.

If you have ever received a parcel from us, stocked our products or have seen our product label, a post on social or an email, chances are Stefan, Fiona and Dijana have been directly involved.

This month, we celebrate a legislative change towards a cruelty free future!

As of 1 July 2020, under the new Industrial Chemicals Act, formulated cosmetics cannot be tested on animals and the use of animal test data for chemicals used solely in cosmetics will be banned in Australia.

Although this will not mean that every cosmetic, household or personal care product on Australian shelves will be free of animal testing, as a cruelty free and Australian made company, we strongly believe this is a massive step forward in the right direction.

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