How To Pick The Right Lipstick Shade - The VonBlü Edition

Ever walked into a beauty store and felt completely overwhelmed by all the shades of lipstick? Us too sister! But narrowing down your options to find one that’s flattering on you is actually super easy, especially if you’re familiar with your undertone.

We hear you ask: “But doesn’t this change depending on how strong my tanning game is at any given time?”. Not exactly. Your undertones always remain the same, even if your skin tone has changed after spending the most part of your European vacay lazing on the beach and then retreating to your couch for six weekends straight upon your return (because that post-Europe depression is real, okay?!).

To make your next shopping adventure that little bit more enjoyable, we’ve pulled together a brief cheat sheet about the different undertones and the best VonBlü lippies to match. Now, before you start examining the colour of your skin, think about your answers to the following questions - what colour are your veins? Does your skin burn in the sun? Do you rock gold or silver jewellery?


So you think your veins are blue, your skin burns easily in the sun and you work silver more than gold jewellery? Chances are you have a cool undertone. Turn your attention to pinks and peaches to nudes and beiges. Our favourite lipsticks for those with cool undertones are VonBlü’s DomineraRiva and Militar.

Dominera Riva Militar Vegan Nude Lipstick Natural 
Nude Vegan Australian Natural Lipstick


Doesn’t sound like you because your veins don’t look blue (in fact they actually look a bit green), you can lay in the sun and develop a killer tan without burning and gold jewellery 1000% looks better on you? Roses, mauves and berry shades work best on your warm undertone. Check out VonBlü’s StridaLara and Envis for some serious inspo!



On the contrary, you don’t feel your veins are particularly blue or green and you can wear gold AND silver jewellery? It seems you’re a mixture of warm and cool undertones, making you neutral (which is totally a thing!). The good news is that you can work just about any lipstick your heart desires, though we have a feeling you will love ÄlskaLedare and Hart from VonBlü’s current range.

vegan natural lipstick australian made nude cosmetics
No matter your undertone beauties, always remember the best shade of lipstick for you will always be the one that makes you feel amazing, so you do you and have some fun with it!